Bruno Farms Augie’s 


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What is an Augie? It is a cross between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

These little dogs are the best of both breeds. You get the love, devotion, and brain of the Corgi mixed with the grace,

coloring, and intelligence of the Aussie. 

Our pups are bred for brains, compact bodies, and over all health.

 All of our pups come with up to date shots and worming, tails docked, spay/neuter contract, and a health guarantee.

       To place the puppy of your choice On Hold we require a non refundable deposit, or part of the adoption fee.

We can have your new family member shiped to you. You are responsible for all charges associated with shipment.       

     These wonderful little pups are pet only, with a spay/neuter contract.       



We classify our pups in the following way:

F1: a first generation cross where one parent is pure corgi and the other is pure mini australian shepherd

F2: a second generation cross where one parent is an Augie (half corgi and half mini aussie) and the other parent is pure corgi. 

F3: a third generation cross where one parent is an Augie (3/4 corgi and 1/4 mini aussie) and the other parent is pure corgi. 

F4: one parent is an F3 augie and the other is pure corgi. 


Our male: 


                 IMG_8442.JPG - 263.55 kb

                                                Bruno Farms James P. Sullivan

                                                              F3 Augie

                                                           CKC Registered



Puppy List terminology:

    Available:  puppy is available for adoption

    Pending:  puppy has someone interested and is awaiting a deposit to arrive   

    On Hold:  puppy has a deposit on it and is spoken for.     




 Expecting: Shelby x Sully


D.O.B. :  Jan. 7, 2020


     This will be the first litter sired by Sully. So the pups will come with a spay/neuter contract. 

      All pups should be vwD clear and DM carrier/not at risk through parentage. 

        Pups will have an application for CKC registration, non breeding. 




  IMG_3684.JPG - 121.17 kb

                               Blue Merle Male

                                 On Hold Brandi


IMG_3670.JPG - 90.56 kb

                             Blue Merle Male

                            On Hold Meghan


IMG_3668.JPG - 111.62 kb

                            Blue Merle Male

                            On Hold Daniell


IMG_3633.JPG - 139.85 kb

                            Red & White Female

                                 On Hold Cathy 


IMG_3640.JPG - 233.71 kb

                    Blue Merle Female

                     On Hold Juliana

IMG_3649.JPG - 172.11 kb

                             Blue Merle Female

                               On Hold Jillian


 IMG_3666.JPG - 121.99 kb IMG_3418.JPG - 103.24 kb

                              Black Tri Female



 IMG_3661.JPG - 173.79 kb IMG_3422.JPG - 105.11 kb

                             Black Tri Female



IMG_3655.JPG - 159.62 kb IMG_3425.JPG - 122.39 kb

                    Black Tri Female



    Last Up date

   2/ 16 /2020


                             If you are interested in more information about this wonderful type of dog please send me an email.

                                                        Derek & Amy Bruno:

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