Bruno Farms  

Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s 


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                    We strive to raise Happy, Healthy, loving puppies that will make a great addition to your family. 

                              All of our dogs are treated with the respect, care and love that they deserve.


                    All of our pups come to you with up to date shots and worming, tails docked, a spay/neuter contract and a health guarantee.

                    All of our pups are limited AKC registration, pet only. 

             To place the puppy of your choice On Hold we require a non refundable deposit, or part of the adoption fee. 

                    If you would like to have your new family member shipped to you we can set that up.

                    You are responsiable for all fees associated with the shipment.





Our Boys: 

 IMG_1290.JPG - 240.7 kb

            Bruno Farms Tummons Diesel Engine

                         AKC & CKC    

 IMG_5981.JPG - 148.8 kb

                   Bruno Farms TUM Cinch




Here are the girls of Bruno Farms Corgi's:



 IMG_5989.JPG - 209.64 kb

               Bruno Farms Heart Breaking Holly   

                            AKC  & CKC


IMG_1306.JPG - 259.69 kb

                     Bruno Farms Shelby GT

                             AKC & CKC

 IMG_4744.JPG - 273.39 kb

                Palmers Pembrokes Pearls Sylvia Girl

                                 AKC & CKC

 IMG_8023.JPG - 229.64 kb

                   Bruno Farms Echo Echo One Nine


   IMG_7972.JPG - 195.33 kb 

                             Bruno Farms Zoey             

                                  AKC & CKC


 IMG_8452.JPG - 157.29 kb       

                        Bruno Farms Nothing But Rain

                                    aka Storm

                                       AKC & CKC



Puppy List terminology:

    Available:  puppy is available for adoption

    Pending:  puppy has someone interested and is awaiting a deposit to arrive

    On Hold:  puppy has a deposit on it and is spoken for






Echo x Cinch


Mid Feb.



 Waiting list is now open.






Updated: 2/ 6 /2020       




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